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A word becomes powerful when coupled with a gesture, an intention, a feeling, a desire !

it is a truth known esoteric insider : you can find different examples in some movement arts as eurythmy , Paneurhythmy , many traditional dances  unifying the human being with the cosmos , we are cosmic beings and we have always felt within us an often unquenchable natural need to express the unifying body, soul and spirit.


Emotional haka at wedding reception takes internet by storm
Alexa Rae Johnson
January 21, 2016, 3:43 pm


VIDEO Emotional haka at wedding ceremony takes internet by storm

An emotional haka performed at a wedding reception in Auckland last weekend is taking the internet by storm.

In the video clip the newlyweds, Benjamin and Aaliyah Armstrong, stand and watch their family members and friends with tears in their eyes.

Benjamin shared the clip on his Facebook page on Wednesday morning and it was quickly picked up by various pages and shared around the world.

Ben and Aaliyah Armstrong were married in Auckland over the weekend. Photo: Facebook/Aaliyah Armstrong

The couple seen in a photo prior to their wedding ceremony. Photo: Facebook/Aaliyah Armstrong
In his post Mr Armstrong stated: « Maori up brothers!! heres the footage of the haka from the Hettig brothers. Thank you so much for this. Mean Maori mean. »

Comments from his friends and family included, « the most outstanding Haka that I’ve ever seen! », « got the meanest goosebumps » and « that was alot of mana my brother i wish you and your beautiful wife the best for the future ».


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